With family experience since 1928 we always have your dog’s best interest at heart. The dogs receive interaction with staff at many times during the daily routine, such as checks, cleaning, feeding and of course in the paddocks at playtime. Some dogs are able to have interaction with other dogs at playtime depending on their breed, nature and owners preferred choice. Lead walks are also available on our grounds for an extra charge.

Only fully vaccinated & parasite treated dogs are boarded.  We require dogs to be annually vaccinated by their vets. The main vaccination required covers distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parainfluenza. We also require the vaccine against infectious bronchitis (kennel cough)(This must be done a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding), please advise your veterinary surgeon this is also required. Please note that immunocompromised individuals should avoid contact with the KC vaccine and vaccinated dogs with KC for up to six weeks, please ask your vets advise regarding the alternative Respira vaccination (if your dog has not previously had KC or respira within the year then this can take two vaccinations a month apart the first time).  When Puppies have completed their full course of vaccines they are welcome to board once four weeks have passed after the last main vaccine. The DHPP vaccine (for parvo & distemper ) is the only vaccine that can go up to a maximum of 3 years EXCEPT for the first booster a year after their pup vaccines when we insist its done to board.   Please be aware if you let your dog’s vaccinations go overdue it can take two injections a month apart to get up to date to board again. 

Please ensure your dog has regular treatment for all worms and fleas and right up to date to board. We require proof from your vet by vet history or your vets itemised dated receipt Or your vet prescription along with receipt of the exact same products bought on line with the prescription.  Most treatments are monthly or as required for the product from your vet, but tapeworm is only required every six months to board. This is now a boarding licence requirement . We require it through your vet so they are aware of treatments should a reaction ever occur as well as ensuring good products are used.

Dogs entering the UK do not require the above vaccinations to enter the uk but do require them to board in kennels. Please see your veterinary surgeon to ensure the above vaccinations are up to date. 

The kennel sleeping area is situated inside the building and there is heating during the colder months. Each kennel has access to an undercover run from the sleeping area via a hatch.  The hatch to the run is open during the day and later into the evenings in the hotter months as required daily. The roof of the covered runs are tinted to assist in the hotter months but to still give day light.

The kennels are pressure washed every day and spot cleaned as and when required during the day. Bedding is washed regularly to provide a clean and comfortable environment.

We have grass and all weather surface paddocks to allow your dog to have an off lead playtime. Depending on the individual needs and the owners recommendation/consent for their dog, this can be on their own or with the company of another dog (the option to mix is not available for certain breeds).  We also offer a lead walk around our grounds for an extra charge.  

There is discount for owners with more than one dog if the dogs are able to share a kennel.  The dogs need to be from the same household and registered to the same owner at the vets. There are size restrictions as per our price list.

We supply a complete dried & wet food or one of the preferred choice.  You are welcome to bring your dogs own food, but there is not a reduction of fees. We do not supply or store raw meat. If your dog is on raw food,  you may supply the raw food, provided, each separate feed portion is vacuum sealed and frozen. We will then defrost it for each feed. We will not store part portions for health and safety reasons. Please do not bring real bones in for your dog due to the possibility of splintering, nylon type safe bones are acceptable. 

You are welcome to bring your own bedding & toys. However, please be aware that because the kennels are pressure washed at least once a day, toys and bedding are moved around and can become lost or mixed up. We do supply plenty of bedding & toys but please keep the above in mind for any articles left. 

Please ensure your dog is wearing a collar with his/her name tag and that your dog is microchipped. 


We except dogs on medication providing it is not for a contagious problem. Full details and medication must be given to the receptionist (please bring medication in the original labelled veterinary package) and please be sure to bring enough of the medication. We do three medication rounds a day and also do checks for problems that do not have medication to administer but need monitoring. Please keep us fully informed of any problems. Unfortunately we do not take insulin dependant dogs. There is no charge for administering an average amount of medication but an excessive amount to administer may incur a charge. 
Dogs who have had recent operations, injuries, wounds or stitches need to be assessed by a phone consultation and possibly viewed by management to have agreement to board. Boarding with any previous injury or wound is at the owners own risk if accepted. 

If your dog has a nervous or aggressive nature to people please ensure you talk to management to discuss the needs of your dog and the suitability to board, this may require a trial board to assess your dog.  We may also need to discuss the procedure on arrival to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Please be aware that we may not be able to do our normal checks or baths for dogs that may put our members of staff at risk.

We also offer

Day Care - available Monday to Friday. Drop off between 8.30am & 10.00 am and then collect between 3.30 & 5.30pm. Food is not supplied during day care, but you can provide a feed if you wish your dog to be fed whilst here. Booking is essential in holiday periods. This is a great way to introduce your dog to boarding especially in the quieter months.

Baths - with or without a de shed of old undercoat (this can be booked in time for your collection date).

Lead walks on our grounds (free for longs stay boarding over a month)