Terms & Conditions

Dogs & Cats are required to be fully up to date within the year with their vaccinations, their certificate booklets are to be brought in with the pets on arrival. We also require proof by means of a vet history or an itemised and dated receipt showing regular and recent worming and flea treatment with your vet approved products.

Dogs are to be vaccinated annually against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and we require dogs to be annually vaccinated against infectious bronchitis (kennel cough),  this needs to be done at least 10 days prior to arrival. Dogs are required to be microchipped. Flea and worming treatment as above.

Cats are to be annually vaccinated against feline enteritis and flu. We also recommend vaccination against leukaemia. To board we require male cats to be neutered once 6 months old. Flea and worm treatment as above.

NB If your dog or cats annual vaccinations are found not to be up to date or not available to us as required, deposits are lost & the balance of the booking (within a month of the arrival date ) will be charged. 

Small pets are not required to have vaccinations to board, however we do recommend small pets have annual vaccinations plus flea and worming treatment as recommended by their vets.

Please ensure that the receptionist is updated of any medical problems with your pet, this includes on going problems, lumps or bumps not just recent problems. We except pets on medication providing it is not for a contagious problem. We do not take diabetic pets who are insulin dependant sorry. Prior to boarding all pets are to be regularly treated for worms and fleas as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

A customer boarding agreement is to be completed and signed at registration and each pet registered will require a boarding preference signed & completed.  

Our reception opening hours are tailored to minimise disruption to your pets and to facilitate our daily routine & security. Please observe these hours to save disappointment.

Please drive very slow on our premises- Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times- Cats & small pets to be in a secure pet carrier- Children to be supervised by an adult at all times. Rudness/agressive behaviour to staff or other customers will not be tolerated.

Veterinary treatment- The Boarding does not provide or charge for veterinary insurance/treatment within our prices. We recommend you have your own veterinary/pet Insurance (if out of hours/emergency veterinary treatment is required it is very costly). Please check your insurance is not restricted to one veterinary surgery. The Boarding Centre reserves the right to use the nearest surgery or one that is open at the time consultation/treatment is necessary. If Veterinary advise/treatment is required you will receive a vet report (unless it is with your own vets) along with the fee due for veterinary treatment & transport. We reserve the right to take your pet to a veterinary surgeon if we deem it necessary at the owner/guardians cost. Payment will be required on collection (unless charged to your own account if its your own veterinary surgery) or sooner if required. 

A 25% (minimum 1 night charge on short stays) non refundable/transferable deposit is required to make a booking. The balance due is to be paid on or before arrival. Day care requires full non refundable payment on booking. Your booking will be lost if you fail to turn up on your booked arrival date & full payment will be required. If you arrive late or collect early (which requires notification & agreement ) the full payment of the booked nights are required. If you collect your pet beyond the booked check out date or outside our opening hours (without prior conformation and agreement by email & your payment), you will be charged double the normal nightly cost there afterwards. 
If a booking is cancelled the deposit is lost and non transferable. With less than one calendar months notice we require the full payment of the booked dates. 
If booked dates are reduced with a minimum of one calendar months notice a charge of 25% of the cancelled nights is charged. Less than a calendar months notice requires full payment of the booked nights. If we find it necessary to cancel your booking your deposit will be refunded providing it is not due to our terms and conditions not being adhered to.

If we need to cancel your booking we will always endevour to refund your deposit, providing our booking requirements/ terms and conditions have been met. 

Our prices are set each year from the 1st February. You may make an advance booking but the balance due on arrival will be the current price on your arrival date. 
Although great care and attention is given, pets are boarded at owner/guardians own risk.