The Cattery

With family experience since 1928 we always have your cat’s best interest at heart.

Cats receive plenty of contact during the day whilst various checks, feeding and cleaning procedures take place. Cats are very good at letting us know if they want cuddles & pampering or to be a given some space while they settle in. They all have their own very individual personalities and the more you tell us about them the quicker we can get to know their needs.

Only fully vaccinated cats are boarded. We require cats to be annually vaccinated by their vets. This needs to cover feline enteritis and flu. We also recommend vaccination against leukaemia & other vaccinations your veterinary surgeon may recommend. When Kittens have completed their full course of vaccines they are welcome to board once four weeks have passed after their last vaccine. Please be aware if your cat’s vaccinations are not up dated annually, it can take up to four weeks to get up to date again to board. Male cats must be neutered to board. Kittens up to 6 months old can board prior to being neutered provided they are not spraying. 

Please ensure your cat has regular treatment for all worms and fleas and right up to date to board. We require proof from your vet by vet history or your vets itemised dated receipt Or your vet prescription along with receipt of the exact same products bought on line with the prescription.  Most treatments are monthly or as required for the product from your vet, but tapeworm is only required every six months to board. This is now a boarding licence requirement . We require it through your vet so they are aware of treatments should a reaction ever occur as well as ensuring good products are used.

The cattery chalets are situated peacefully away from our kennels in brick/stone buildings.  This relaxing environment also keeps the cats cool in the summer yet warm & secure in the often windy/stormy winter months. To prevent the possibility of the spread of infection/diseases there are sneeze barriers between each chalet, this also prevents contact.

The chalets have a sleeping area where they have their beds, bedding and enjoy being cosy & secure. The sleeping area has access 24 hours a day to a larger area where they have more room to exercise & use their cat litter trays. The chalets all have electric heating for the colder months.

The chalets are cleaned thoroughly in the mornings and spot cleaned in the afternoons unless more is required. 
We can cater for multiple cats from the same family household (up to four cats together in a chalet) providing all the cats get on well.

We do provide beds & bedding but if you prefer you may bring your cat’s own personal items such as bedding, toys and scratch posts. 

Please ensure your cat is brought in a safe & secure pet carrier.

We supply dried & wet food (usually whiskers, Felix & co cat). The cats are fed twice a day or as required e.g. for kittens. If you would rather bring your cats own food, you are welcome to do so. However, if this is fresh meat please cook and seal it into feed portions so it can be frozen and defrosted easily. 


We except cats on medication providing it is not for a contagious problem. Full details and medication must be given to the receptionist (please bring medication in the original labelled veterinary package) and please be sure to bring enough of the medication. We do three medication rounds a day and also do checks for problems that do not have medication to administer but need monitoring. Please keep us fully informed of any problems. Unfortunately we do not take insulin dependant cats. There is no charge for administering an average amount of medication but an excessive amount to administer may incur a charge. 
Cats who have had recent operations, injuries, wounds or stitches need to be assessed by a phone consultation and possibly viewed by management to have agreement to board. Boarding with any previous injury or wound is at the owners own risk if accepted.

If your cat has a nervous or aggressive nature to people please ensure the receptionist is made aware on booking and arrival. This may cause a problem if your cat is on medication. 
Please be aware that we may not be able to do our normal checks or put your cat in & out of their pet carrier if it puts a member of staff at risk.