Caged Pets

We board a variety of small caged pets such as Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Gerbils, budgies & Parrots etc.

Owners are to supply their pets own cage, food and bedding etc. The cage must be safe/secure and designed to be easily cleaned. We follow the owners instructions for feeding and clean the pet’s cage at regular intervals as required. The pets are checked often during our daily routine and medication can be administered by arrangement . 

The pets are housed within our brick/stone built buildings. 

Please ensure your pets arrive in a safe & secure cage or carrier.

Farm Pets (by arrangement)

We can take care of farm pets such as chickens. We accommodate them in one of our stables. This has a solid lower stable door and a thick gridded upper door, this allows light and air flow whilst preventing escape.  Owners are to supply the food/corn.