Kennel Pricing

Valid until 31/1/25

Prices include VAT

Heating charges may also apply 

Day Care
£18.00 or £17.00 each if two together from the same home.
Available Monday to Friday. Once booked you arrive & collect during our reception opening hours (full non refundable payment required when booking).

Small Dogs £25.00 per night (Eg up to westie size)
Medium Dog £26.50 per night (Eg up to Springer Spaniel size)
Large Dog £28.00 per night (above medium size)

Dogs living in the same home & registered with the same owner at the vets receive a discount when they share a kennel. We reserve the right to separate your dogs if they are found not to be compatible boarding together and single price will then be charged.

NB We like to ensure your dogs have plenty of room in their sleeping area. Maximum two dogs per kennel except for miniature breeds when a maximum of 3 or 4 may be permitted. Giant breeds such as Danes & St Bernards, we advise to be Single . Dogs from the same home can be exercised at playtime together if requested, even if they have separate kennels alongside each other. If you have two or more dogs all boarding SINGLE occupancy the lower priced pet gets 10% OFF BOARDING when boarding the same dates.

Shared Pricing
Small Dog sharing £17.50 each (minis only if 3 or 4 sharing £16.25 each)
Medium Dog sharing £18.55 each
Large dog sharing £21.00 each

Bath Pricing
Small Dog Bath £20.00
Medium Dog Bath £22.00
Large Dog Bath £24.00

Add a De-Shed to the bath
This helps remove old undercoat, especially good for dogs with a thick undercoat.

Short Hair coat add £6.00 (Eg boxer or Dalmatian)
Longer & course coat add £10.00 (Eg Labs and wire hair terriers)
Thick under coats add £12.00 (Eg Huskies & German Shepards)

Add a lead walk £8.00 per walk (15 to 20 mins around our grounds)

NB Minimum number of nights boarding can apply at peak periods
There is an extra charge per pet of £20.00 on each of Xmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day